Listen Up Ladies…Ideas for Great Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

They’re not the easiest creatures on the planet to buy gifts for, but what woman out there who loves their man, isn’t up for such a challenge. Buying wedding anniversary gifts for your husband isn’t actually that difficult – find him something practical and useful, and you’ll be wifey of the year. You could opt for something simple or try and be a bit more extravagant, but the most important quality of your gift should be that it has his interests at the core. Let’s look at a few different alternatives, whatever your budget, and help you with some silver wedding anniversary gift ideas for him, that are sure to bring a smile to his face.

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas For Him


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Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Men If You’re on a Tight Budget

silver wedding anniversary gift for himMoney can’t buy happiness or love, and the same is true with wedding anniversary gifts for him. A gift that shows your feelings and how much you understand him doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. Think of all the famous celebrities who think nothing of spending thousands, even millions on gifts for their partners – how long do their relationships last? A gift from the heart doesn’t come with a big price tag, as the following examples show:

  • A candlelight dinner, just the two of you, relaxed in the comfort of your own home. Curl up afterwards and watch a romantic movie, or lay back in the bath together and enjoy a long soak.
  • Try and put feelings down on paper, and write him a love letter full of emotion.
  • Does he have a favourite artist or musician? Buy him a signed print or the musicians latest offering.
  • Do you have in your 25 years of photo taking, one that perfectly captures your love for each other? Frame it and present it as your silver wedding anniversary gift for him.
  • If he loves a cold one after a long day at work, a good anniversary gift for your man would be to give him a personalised beer glass or silver tankard.

Is Your Husband a bit of a Hobbyist?

If your husband has a hobby or two you’ll have lots of options when it comes to buying good anniversary gifts for men. And if he hasn’t already got one, then this is your opportunity to introduce him to something new. But for those husbands who already have a past time here’s a few suggestions:

  • Tickets to a big sports event that his favourite team are participating in
  • A model airplane or remote control car
  • A chef’s hat and apron for those BBQ events
  • If you think he’d fancy some culinary tuition, send him off for a cooking masterclass with one of the greats as the teacher
  • For those weekends on the golf course, a new set of golf clubs
  • Make his time sat on the riverbank fishing much more comfortable with some fishing accessories
  • For the DIY king. a new tool set or the latest power tool
  • Paper and paints for any budding artists

Practical is Preferable to Frivolous when it Comes to Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Men

On the whole men much prefer practical gifts to those that would be considered frivolous. The gift should have a purpose, rather than something that is destined to sit on a shelf and be looked at and admired. So let’s continue our list of silver wedding anniversary gift ideas for him with a few practical suggestions…

  • a leather wallet, personalised with his initials
  • a stylish watch, so he never has to worry about being late for an appointment
  • a new item for his wardrobe
  • a laptop bag or briefcase for his working day
  • luggage that’s been personalised

For Those Husbands Who Like a Bit of Adventure

Is your husband one of those males who loves an adventure? Does he love to feel adrenaline coursing through his veins? There are lots of options for this kind of man, including airplane or helicopter flying lessons, tandem parachute jumps, hang gliding lessons, 4×4 challenges, driving lessons in a supercar, motorbike racing lessons, or something a bit more sedate such as a hot air balloon ride, or clay pigeon shooting with refreshments laid on.

Appeal to the Romantic Side of His Nature

Romantic-Gift-for-HimWomen are known for being romantics, but many men share this trait too. You might think this doesn’t apply to the man in your life, but he’s probably learnt to keep it well hidden. Romantic gifts don’t have to be fancy but they do have to come from the heart. A great romantic gift for your husband would be a love letter, telling him all the things you love about him, and why he holds a special place in your heart. Enjoy a romantic meal together, cruising the Thames in a riverboat, or a dining experience at the restaurant of a top chef.

And How About Something Daring – A Sexy Boudoir Photo Shoot

A new trend has hit the market, when it comes to anniversary gifts for him, but you’ll need to be a bit daring and not afraid to show off a bit of flesh. Boudoir shots have become very popular recently, and many professional photographers are offering fantastic opportunities for classy and stylish, but none the less sexy, photo shoots for both men and women. You could even take the opportunity to get some tasty photos of the two of you together.
This year do something a little bit different to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary. It’s a significant milestone in your relationship and one that is worthy of a big celebration. Whether you choose to celebrate together just the two of you, or involve family and friends, the festivities should be memorable and truly special. This anniversary will only come round once in your lifetime and should set the tone for the next 25 years together. Keep your relationship strong by showing each other how much you care, and letting the world know you plan to stay together for plenty more years to come.