Show Him How Much He Means to You with a Personalised Silver Wedding Anniversary Gift

Are you and your special gent, looking to celebrate a silver, or 25th wedding anniversary this year, or some time in the near future? Are you already starting to feel a few pangs of worry, about finding him the perfect gift? After 25 years you’ve probably given the whole gift giving experience a jolly good go, and hopefully you’ve always managed to come up trumps. But this year is different, because after shave, socks, beer or chocolate just won’t cut the mustard for such a momentous occasion. And you’re looking for something that he’ll treasure, because it clearly shows how much you care about him. Think about all the things he loves doing, find a gift that is practical and useful, and you’re pretty much there.
A great way to raise the bar however, is to give him a personalised silver wedding anniversary gift. Even the most humdrum of gifts will be spectacular with just a few well chosen words, loving message or simple engraving of his name.

Personalised 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him


golf ball

Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

  • dipped in 24k gold
  • excellent durability while retaining the playability
  • ideal for mounting and display purposes

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24 Karat Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

  • playable deck of poker cards dipped in 24 karat gold.
  • produced to tournament grade standards
  • presented in an elegant high quality case

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Personalised Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

The traditional symbol for a 25th wedding anniversary is silver. And the modern gift list happens to give the same. So what sort of things can you buy for your beloved, if you’re keen on getting something that’s personalised?

  • Personalized jewelry
    Silver has a beauty all of its own, and will look particularly good if worn by the man in your life. But what kind of jewelry you might ask? Just about anything really, it just depends on the items he prefers to wear. Not every man is a silver cufflink kind of guy, and not every male has pierced earrings. And when it comes to silver bracelets, how many men do you know who like wearing them? So take a look at the items he already has and buy something that will be in keeping with his taste. Make any gift special with a romantic engraving, but in the case of engraved jewelry, you’ll have to keep your message short.
  • Personalised Silver Pen
    For those times when a piece of paper and a pen are all that are needed. And for those times when his electronic notebook is locked away in a drawer. Engraved with his name or some memorable words, he’s going to be actually pleased and proud to write more often.
  • Engraved Silver Key Ring
    How many times have you been left waiting, while your husband searches the house for his keys? Give him an engraved silver key ring and he’ll know where they are all the time. Even better if you can find one that has a special place for him to have a photo – one of you, his lovely wife, of course.
  • Engraved Lighter – while smoking isn’t the popular pastime it once was, there are still many men out there who still partake in the habit. He’ll be shining with pride when he takes out his lighter in company.
  • Silver pocket watch and chain – he’ll feel so stylish and charming when he wears such a gift, and never be worried about being late for the party.

Are Traditional 25th Anniversary Gifts the Best for Your Man?

25-happy-anniversaryWell there’s a question, and not really sure how to answer it, apart from saying, it’s really up to you and your spouse. He might be the kind of guy who is passionate about doing things the right way, or is more than happy to buck popular trends. So think about his feelings on the subject, and you’ll be confident about the direction to take. So what sort of gifts are good enough to give to your husband on a 25th wedding anniversary day? Or any other man for that matter, on such an important day.
Let’s look at some of the other personalised silver wedding anniversary gifts for him, and you can take it from there.

    • His and hers wooden coasters – might make him think back to the days you first met, and he carved your names on a tree.
    • Personalised print of your song – is there a special piece of music he keeps close to his heart? Do you think he remembers the song you first danced to on your wedding day? Give him a gentle reminder with this great gift.
    • Engraved crystal tankard – perfect for sipping a cold beer.
    • Personalised bath robe – to keep him warm and cosy when he steps out of the shower. And to make him feel comfortable and loved for many years to come.

Don’t get all in a tizzy about finding an awesome personalised silver wedding anniversary gift for him, the right one is just waiting for you to find it. Take your time, and look at all the options. But make sure you place your order early, because personalising an item can take a few days.