Finding Meaningful 1st Anniversary Gifts for Her

In many ways, the anniversary at the end of the first year of marriage is one of the most meaningful for any married couple. While other anniversary years may be more well known, be more celebrated, and be linked to precious metals like gold and silver, the first anniversary is a milestone unlike any other.

A gift that expresses the joy you feel at the end of this most challenging year of your married life is essential to show your wife that, no matter what trials and tribulations you may encounter during your union, your love will always stand strong. As you have weathered the troubles and joys of this first year together, so you will face the future, growing ever closer and ever happier as each year goes by.

Surprise your spouse with meaningful first wedding anniversary gifts for her, and demonstrate your undying affection and esteem for everything she does and is.

1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas



Silver-Dipped Natural Rose

  • natural rose coated in pure silver
  • presented in a navy-blue velvet & leather case
  • with a certificate of authenticity
  • express free delivery

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Pink Rose Pendant

  • created from pink miniature rose petals
  • beautifully integrated 30 synthetic diamonds in leaf theme
  • with certificate of authenticity

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Matched Set in 24k Gold Leaf Theme

  • includes a glazed natural rose, a pendant and earrings
  • comes in a quality leather display case
  • a lifetime warranty is included

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golf ball

Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

  • a genuine golf ball and tee both dipped in pure 24k gold
  • a perfect complement to any golfer's display cabinet, trophy shelf, or mantel piece
  • ideal for mounting on a trophy

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24 Karat Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

  • playable deck of poker cards dipped in 24 karat gold.
  • produced to tournament grade standards
  • presented in an elegant high quality case

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Wedding Anniversary Traditions for the First Year of Marriage

one year down forever to doFor generations, the anniversary for the first year of marriage has been singled out for extra celebration. Friends and family members take the opportunity to show their loved ones how much they are cherished and how important they are in their lives, while husbands and wives mark the day out as a special occasion through the giving and receiving of heartfelt tokens.

The 1st anniversary was first officially linked with a specific material in 1922 when Emily Post published an etiquette book which highlighted 8 wedding anniversaries which were thought to be key milestones in any couple’s marriage. One of these was the first anniversary, which was connected with the material paper. This became popularly celebrated by the end of the 1930s, and paper gifts became common for those celebrating their first anniversary.

Paper seems to be such a simple and basic material that it can be difficult to see why it should be associated with a key event like a wedding anniversary. However there is a deeper symbolism to this association. A blank sheet of paper, as yet unwritten upon, is a story waiting to be written, and this is representative of a couple at this early point in their marriage. Their future is a tale ready to be created with the married couple as joint authors.

The fragile nature of paper is also relevant, reminding the couple that their marriage can so easily be damaged and torn apart, just like a simple sheet of paper. They are reminded through this gift to work on building their relationship until it is so strong that nothing can tear it apart.

Thinking of 1st Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Paper can be a difficult material to work with when you are trying to come up with inspiring 1st anniversary gift ideas for her. The need to create something memorable and yet meaningful can be a struggle, especially as paper is neither lavish nor luxurious. Nevertheless, there are many ways that you can incorporate paper into your first wedding anniversary gift ideas for her that she will truly appreciate and that will also form an enduring memento of this most special anniversary.

Some wonderful 1st anniversary gift ideas for her include presenting her with a personalized poster. Made from paper, it makes a traditional themed gift and will also last a lifetime as a reminder of the happy day. Choose from posters detailing the song lyrics of the song you had for your first dance, a beautiful picture of your entwined initials, or even a portrait of your marital home or the venue in which you held your wedding ceremony. The personal touch will be genuinely loved and will make the event extra special.

Low Cost 1st Anniversary Gifts for Her

Budgets can be tight in the early years of marriage as planning for the future takes priority, however there are lots of low cost and free first wedding anniversary gifts for her that she will love.

A romantic message in a bottle, consisting of a love poem hidden in a pretty bottle, or a 10 Things I Love About You box, with 10 facets of your spouse that bring you happiness hidden inside are two lasting ways to surprise your wife on this special day.

Alternatively, why not write her a heartfelt love letter, revealing your deepest emotions and feelings, and present it to your love together with a single red rose, the eternal symbol of true love. For an enduring memento that will remind you both for many years to come of this romantic occasion, give the gift of a gorgeous red glazed natural rose that has been trimmed with a fine 24 karat gold edge. Worked by skilled craftsmen into an elegant work of art there is no better true expression of adoration and esteem at this key milestone of your married life.