5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

The 5th wedding anniversary has been one of the milestone years singled out for extra celebration for over a century. This key event in any couple’s marriage is the perfect opportunity to spend some time with your celebrating friends or family members and to remind them of the strength of your feelings for them by presenting them with a truly meaningful present.

If you are lacking in inspiration for 5 year anniversary gift ideas for your loved ones, you may wish to look to the traditional list of materials linked with each year of marriage. Those who love symbolic tokens to act as mementos of these life events will cherish a relevant and traditional present incorporating these classical themes.

Alternatively, you may opt for an unusual or contemporary present to demonstrate your affection for your loved ones. With no hard and fast rules to adhere to, you have free reign to seek out something really unique and heartfelt that will be loved and appreciated by the recipients.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas



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Symbolic 5 Year Anniversary Gifts

wooden wedding anniversaryTBy the start of the 20th century, 8 milestone years of marriage were being widely celebrated by families who were keen to show their support and love to the happy couples. One of these key occasions was the 5th wedding anniversary. In 1922, a list was published of all 8 of these highlighted years, linking each with its traditional material that had a symbolic meaning. The fifth anniversary was represented by the material wood.

In 1937, the list was expanded by the Jewelers of America, and every other marital year was included, linking each with its own specific material, however the symbolic 5 year anniversary gift remained the same, with wooden tokens being presented to couples as a lasting memento of this year of marriage.

Wood is thought to be a symbolic material for the 5th year of married life as it is a sign of strength and wisdom. After 5 years of marriage, a couple has developed roots, and have grown in wisdom, learning from each other and building on their mistakes to grow ever stronger as a couple, just like a tree. No wonder it has been considered to be an appropriate theme for this year of marriage.

Traditional Wooden 5 Year Anniversary Gifts

If you would like to go down the traditional route of choosing a present for the home for a wedding anniversary couple, wood lends itself well to this idea. From accessories and decorations to practical and useful items, there are many options available when incorporating this theme into your 5 year anniversary gift ideas.

Couples who are handy in the kitchen will love a personalized wooden chopping board or cheeseboard, complete with a wooden block knife set. Ever a practical gift, this wooden offering is also stylish and will look smart in any traditional or contemporary kitchen.

A set of beautifully polished wooden coasters or place mats is another long-lasting, practical and attractive option for a traditional 5 year anniversary gift for your loved ones. A gorgeously carved wooden storage box or ottoman is another possibility that will find a place in the marital home for years to come, or a piece of high quality wood furniture.

A carved wooden vase presented with a stylish gold-dipped rose would be a luxurious and lasting token for any couple who appreciate the splendor of nature brought to life eternally in their own home.

Modern Wood Themed 5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

If a traditional wooden gift doesn’t appeal to you, or you feel that it would not be appreciated by your loved ones, you can still think laterally and use the wooden theme to find a wonderful present.

If you are feeling extravagant, a trip in a hot air balloon over a scenic forest would be a romantic and memorable experience for a couple to enjoy together on the occasion of their 5th wedding anniversary, or a stay in a cozy log cabin with a hot tub for two would be a luxurious and enjoyable present.

If your budget is more limited, why not treat the couple to a camping stay under the stars in a beautiful woodland campsite. Quality time together under canvas in a gorgeous tree-covered setting could be just the thing to strengthen their marriage even further, and gives an unusual twist to the traditional theme.

Wood Themed 5 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her

5 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift for HimIf you are looking for fun 5 year wedding anniversary gifts for her that embrace the wooden theme, a wooden trinket box or fashionable wooden jewelry would be an excellent idea.

A good wooden 5 year anniversary gift for him may be a bottle of fine wine presented in a personalized wooden box or an engraved wooden-handled hammer for his toolkit.