Choosing Great 7 Year Anniversary Gifts

If you need to find great 7 year anniversary gifts for your friends or relatives it can be difficult to know where to start. While some wedding anniversary years are commonly known to be linked to a particular material, the 7th year of marriage does not have a well known association. This can make it hard to find a meaningful present for your loved ones.

We want to show our celebrating loved ones how much they mean to us by taking the opportunity on their anniversary to present them with a token of our esteem, and whether the recipients have contemporary or classical tastes, there are lots of great 7 year anniversary gift ideas if you take the time to search for inspiration.

The significance and sentiment behind your choice of 7 year anniversary gift matters much more than its monetary value, and your present should be something that expresses the effort and affection that was put into finding something really perfect.

7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas



Silver-Dipped Natural Rose

  • natural rose coated in pure silver
  • presented in a navy-blue velvet & leather case
  • with a certificate of authenticity
  • express free delivery

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Pink Rose Pendant

  • created from pink miniature rose petals
  • beautifully integrated 30 synthetic diamonds in leaf theme
  • with certificate of authenticity

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Matched Set in 24k Gold Leaf Theme

  • includes a glazed natural rose, a pendant and earrings
  • comes in a quality leather display case
  • a lifetime warranty is included

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golf ball

Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

  • a genuine golf ball and tee both dipped in pure 24k gold
  • a perfect complement to any golfer's display cabinet, trophy shelf, or mantel piece
  • ideal for mounting on a trophy

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24 Karat Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

  • playable deck of poker cards dipped in 24 karat gold.
  • produced to tournament grade standards
  • presented in an elegant high quality case

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Traditional 7 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

7 years anniversaryThere are two traditional materials associated with the 7th year of marriage, and these are copper and wool. There is a deeper symbolism behind these tokens as the belief that copper is a bringer of luck and prosperity goes back to ancient times, while wool is said to represent the warmth and safety that a couple find in each other’s arms after 7 years of happy marriage.

Contemporary 7 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Although the original list of anniversary themes was created in the 1930s, a more recent list has been devised that is more suited to the tastes and needs of modern couples. If you want to buy your loved ones the modern 7 year anniversary gift, desk sets are the suggested item.

Floral 7 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

If you are searching for the perfect 7 year wedding anniversary gifts for her, a floral gift is always a wonderful choice. The flower linked with the 7th year of marriage is a particularly unusual blossom called the Jack in the Pulpit. If you can find these gorgeous blooms you will find that they make a stunning and unique bouquet to present to your wife on the occasion of your anniversary, especially when given together with an elegant silver or gold-dipped vase which can be proudly displayed on your mantelpiece.

There are two colors also linked with this anniversary year – yellow and off-white. Why not use these two shades to make up a pretty arrangement that can mark this happy day? You could even offer your spouse a long-lasting floral gift that can symbolize your love for a lifetime. The off-white glazed Eternity Rose has been created by talented artists from a real natural rose, and trimmed with a beautiful 24 karat gold finish. There is no more opulent or lavish gift to show your wife how much you still love her after 7 years.

Traditional 7 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Couples

If you like to choose traditional and themed gifts for the loved ones in your life, there are plenty of lovely copper and wool gifts that you could choose. Whizzes in the kitchen will be excited to receive copper cookware, while those who love decorative items will love to adorn their home with some copper wall art.

A handmade woollen rug or luxurious cashmere blanket is a cosy and attractive present to offer your relatives on this memorable occasion, and is a present that will last for many years as an enduring reminder of the event.

7 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

anniversary gifts ideas for herIf you are searching for ideal wedding anniversary gifts for the lady in your life, there are several ways to incorporate the traditional themes into your present. Which lady wouldn’t love to receive an elegant artisan crafted woollen shawl or a pair of genuine Australian Ugg boots complete with cozy sheep’s wool lining?

For a lady who prefers jewelry gifts, the onyx and yellow sapphire gemstones are also linked with 7 years of marriage, and a pair of earrings or a pendant studded with these pretty jewels will be a much appreciated token of esteem.

7 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

It is never easy to find an ideal present for the man in your life, and finding the perfect 7 year anniversary gift for him can be especially tricky, however there are several lovely traditional gifts that you can find to impress your husband on this special day. A smart pair of wool-lined gloves, luxury cashmere sweater or stylish woollen scarf are ideal for the man for whom appearance really matters, while a pair of copper personalized cufflinks have a personal and timeless appeal. If your husband is a keen angler, a copper fishing lure, custom made to his style is a fun present, while a copper keychain can bring you to mind every time he opens the front door.