Say “Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary” With an Anniversary Rose

Flowers have long been given as gifts for a range of special occasions. And some lucky ladies get them as an everyday thing. Flowers of all shapes and sizes are popular gifts for weddings, birthdays, Valentine and Mother’s Day, as well as anniversaries. Usually it’s the female of the species who are more accustomed to receiving flowers as a gift, but increasingly more men are getting in on the act. And it’s not just bouquet’s that are given, but houseplants, trees, shrubs and flowering plants for the garden.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts Made From Real Roses



Silver-Dipped Natural Rose

  • natural rose coated in pure silver
  • presented in a navy-blue velvet & leather case
  • with a certificate of authenticity
  • express free delivery

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Pink Rose Pendant

  • created from pink miniature rose petals
  • beautifully integrated 30 synthetic diamonds in leaf theme
  • with certificate of authenticity

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Matched Set in 24k Gold Leaf Theme

  • includes a glazed natural rose, a pendant and earrings
  • comes in a quality leather display case
  • a lifetime warranty is included

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Say it With Flowers

roses-for-anniversaryThroughout history, flowers have been used to convey certain meaning – we all know how popular roses are for Valentine’s Day gifts. There is a whole language of flowers, if you can’t find the right words to say what you mean. But here we’re just going to concentrate on roses, and in particular the anniversary rose.
Roses have for a long time been one of the most popular flowers in the world. And it’s no wonder really, as they come in such a wide variety of colours, size and fragrance. It has been a symbol of love, beauty, war and even politics for hundreds of years. There are certain symbolic meanings too attached to number, variety and colour.
As well as natural roses you can also buy variations such as silk, wooden and roses dipped in gold, silver or platinum. The Eternity Rose have developed an unique system that involves preserving the beauty of a rose bloom for a lifetime and far beyond.

Facts About Roses – Did You Know That…

  • The oldest rose fossils were found in Colorado, and are 35 million years old
    It is thought that Northern Persia is the birthplace of the cultivated rose.
  • Ancient Egyptians considered the rose as one of the most sacred flowers, and offered it up to the Egyptian God Isis. They’ve also been found in Egyptian tombs as part of the funeral wreath.
  • As yet there is not a rose that is coloured black, but some of the red varieties colour is so dark they could be mistaken for being black.
  • Roses can be grown all over the world, but the leading exporter is the Netherlands.
  • Roses were already being cultivated and hybridised in the 15th Century in the UK, when the War of the Roses took place. The victor of this famous battle, Tudor Henry VII, created the Tudor Rose (the Rose of England) by crossbreeding other roses.
  • The Imperial Chinese Library was reported to have lots of books on roses, according to Confucius, 551 BC to 479 BC.

The Gift of an Anniversary Rose

Whether you decide on a huge bouquet of roses, one single bloom or a natural rose for the garden, nothing says more about your love than this gorgeous and often highly scented bloom. Giving an anniversary rose to your wife or girlfriend, and even to the modern thinking man in your life, will certainly do very well at conveying your feelings of affection. And to add to the enjoyment, many of the modern rose varieties have very apt names. Choose from names such as:

  • Blessing
  • Congratulations
  • Specially for You
  • Happy Anniversary
  • Silver Anniversary
  • Silver Wedding
  • Special Occasions
  • and our favourite – You’re Beautiful

Some of these natural roses come with their very own plaque. and plinth that can be engraved with the words of your choice.

What a Living Anniversary Rose Needs to Stay Healthy

    • Good ventilation – don’t let roses in your garden become overcrowded, because good air circulation will keep their foliage healthy.
    • Keep a close eye – don’t leave natural rose bushes to languish without any attention. Spot any problems such as pests and disease and you can act quickly to reverse them.
    • Keep the area clean – clear up and remove old foliage and prunings from the soil around the plant.
    • Control the environment as much as possible – mildew is caused by roots getting dry and a cool air temperature, while blackspot can become a problem when the leaves are wet overnight.

An Eternity Rose – The Perfect Anniversary Rose Gift for Her

rose-Anniversary-GiftEternity rose uses rose blooms from their very own nursery, handpicked at the peak of their beauty. Trained horticulturalists put their expertise to good use and are able to help grow some of the best rose blooms in the world. While they are still fresh, each bloom goes through a 60 stage process, designed to preserve its beauty but give it a never ending lifetime of pleasure and elegance. After three months of painstaking and delicate work, what you’re left with is a flower that will never fade, wilt or die, but has the potential to last thousands of years.
Each comes with its own attractive PU leather presentation case, that is worthy of gracing anyone’s home.You can even add to the uniqueness of the gift by having the stem engraved with some words of affection.

So if you’ve got a wedding anniversary coming up, or you know someone who’s looking to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary, spare a thought and dip in your pocket and gift the happy couple an anniversary rose.